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At InvestorKit, we’re dedicated to helping you invest with confidence, providing you with the insights, and support you need to build a successful property portfolio.

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Get your hands on high performing investment properties – before they get snatched up!

Want to buy an investment property but can’t find the time? Are you sick of wasting your weekends, only to get outbid at the last minute? Or do you want to make your money work harder so you can make positive strides for your financial future? Then you can finally let out a sigh of relief.

My name is Arjun Paliwal and I’m the founder of InvestorKit. We help people like you find and secure positive cashflow properties with enormous capital growth potential and secure them at the best prices. Plus, as multi-state licensed buyer’s agents we can give you access to properties across Australia, eliminating location bias…and at times ‘off-market’, before the public even knows they’re for sale.

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Our specialised service has helped launch beginners into the top 10% of Australian property investors

Think I’m just another ‘guru’ with no expertise? Think again! I’m humbled to have built a personal portfolio of 17 properties (and growing), across Australia, comprising of both residential and commercial real estate. Alongside this, I have been involved in over $500,000,000+ worth of residential and commercial real estate transactions through my finance and real estate career.

I don’t say that to brag. I say it so you understand that I come equipped with practical experience shared with my clients and team. I constantly invest in property using the same methods and strategies I use for my clients. They’ve seen similar success too.

The specialised acquisition formula we’ve developed massively reduces risk. Plus, we spend over $100,000 on market research every year. That’s why over 33% of our clients are in the top 10% of property investors in Australia.

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Your free consultation with an expert

Following your initial discovery call, our property consultants will take a deep dive into your current situation, your financial and lifestyle goals, and the core areas of your journey where you feel professional support is required to help get you there faster.

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We present a tailored strategy and research

After forming the plan of attack, we use our in-depth research and scientific acquisition method to find ideal investing locations and properties suited to your brief and serve them to you on a silver platter.

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We find the best property for your situation

Even though we do the hard yards, the choice of property is still made together with you – we’ll keep searching until we find you a cashflow positive property that demonstrates high capital growth signals.

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We negotiate and secure the property for you

After you’re happy, we’ll help with the other processes and project manage due-diligence items with other professionals too – negotiation, finance, asset and tax structures, pest and building condition reports, your legal requirements and more.

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Repeat the process, and grow your wealth

Now that you’ve secured this investment property, we don’t just disappear. Our industry leading ‘post-settlement service’, helps you successfully manage your property manager, investing risks, and keeps you future focussed on long term goals with strategies that unlock your ability to repeat…again…and again!

Take a look at some of the reviews pouring in from our delighted clients…

Get ready to find high growth,
high yield properties.

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