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Tightening Your Buying Window, Scaling to $5m Across 7 Properties

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Experienced property investors don’t always do this, however, the ones that do, end up scaling their portfolio faster and more profitably.

The Key = Reflection

Experienced property investors Joe and Gianna Ciardi considered multiple questions by reflecting on their journey.

Do we have enough time to do this ourselves?

Are we best equipped with the right research, data, and interpretation of this data to go outside of our backyard to get the best results?

Will we remain accountable and have the energy to do this ourselves by a certain time, at the pace required to get the scale we would like to achieve?

Is this what we live and breathe, will we have the negotiation expertise and do we have all the industry relationships to access off-market stock?

Combining this reflection and close friends of theirs working together with the InvestorKit team, meaning they had a team they could trust to genuinely be with them on this journey to answer all of those questions.

Gianna and Joe have had a very impressive last two years of investing, taking action when many feared to do so. Adding 4 properties using our services to their portfolio, taking it to 7 properties in total whilst we are now working on the 8th.

Get ready to find high growth,
high yield properties.

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