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Investing Excellence: 9 Properties, A 6-Figure Passive Income and over $1M in Gained equity

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Are you a successful business owner or high income earning professional looking to build a bullet proof, high performance property portfolio, in a short time frame? If yes, this video is for you.

If you’re still in the earlier parts of career/income growth and business building, that’s totally ok! Glimpses of what the future can look like will be very valuable for you through this case study. On this journey to these outstanding results, Leanne felt that it was: The right time to take her skills/learnings gained through many life experiences, success in business, and apply it to investing.

Key to build a team of professionals around her who she can trust, are well connected with access to off-markets, and practice what they preach. Appropriate to apply a proven strategy, framework and investing principles that are also tailored to her goals. One that considers diversity in locations, risk reduction, high performance to reduce opportunity cost, residential and commercial property. Tune in to this video where we go over Leanne’s investing journey with the InvestorKit team, strategy, goals, locations, asset types, results and more.

Get ready to find high growth,
high yield properties.

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