InvestorKit helps you find and secure rare positive cashflow residential & commercial investment properties

that can put money back in your pocket with an added upside for growth.
We aim to grow your wealth without compromising your current lifestyle.

Is this you?

Even if you are new to property or an experienced investor, as your buyer’s advocate, InvestorKit can help you achieve your investing goals Australia wide.

  • Tired of fruitlessly searching
    for positive cashflow investment properties?

    • Are you tired of spending nights and weekends comparing properties only to come up short – again?

    • Have you been procrastinating because you’re concerned about making a mistake, overpaying, or ending up stuck with a property that costs you more than it makes?

    • Do you wish there was an easy way to find and secure positive cashflow investment properties that can produce passive income, so you can grow your wealth without compromising your current lifestyle?

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  • Access our
    specialist research

    And we’ll show you positive cashflow properties with an added upside for growth. The team at InvestorKit has been involved in many investment property success stories, helping new and experienced investors find the perfect properties for their situation.

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      Research investment property opportunities Australia-wide (including rare off-market properties and under market value properties).

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      Shortlist and compare options (with detailed due diligence including a cashflow analysis).

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      Negotiate and get the lowest price helping you save money.

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      Source finance from our network of more than 40 mortgage broker’s and bankers.

    • assessment

      Oversee logistics including building and pest inspections, legal, finance, and even property management.

    • help

      Ongoing support for maximum return on investment.

How InvestorKit investors
can make more money

As in most areas of life, approximately 20% of property investors enjoy 80% of the success. What makes the difference? And how can you accelerate your growth and maximise your profits?

  • Without InvestorKit

    • Investors try to find properties by themselves.

    • Investors may waste hours attempting to compare properties with confusing spreadsheets and Word Docs.

    • Investors may make rookie negotiation mistakes that cause them to overpay tens of thousands of dollars.

    • Investors may get stuck with one negatively-geared property that sucks money out of their pocket every week, forcing them to wait years before they can afford another property.

    • Investors may waste tens of thousands on expensive, restrictive finance through their local bank.

    • Investors may juggle an entire team of professional services and building experts while trying to stay sane at work and home.

    • Investors may make life-altering sacrifices in the hope of achieving long-term success – but sadly end up disappointed with no significant wealth to show for their efforts.

  • With InvestorKit

    • Investors have a network of experts sourcing the best deals for them, some before they even make it to market.

    • Investors benefit from our use of sophisticated software to quickly compare hundreds of properties (to find great opportunities).

    • Investors have experienced negotatiors that aim to secure great deals, potentially saving them thousands of dollars and many stressful ‘confrontations’.

    • Investors can quickly build a portfolio of multiple positive cashflow properties that can put passive income into their pocket.

    • Investors have access to a large panel of finance professionals who find competitive rates and are suggested based on their experience with the investor’s scenario.

    • Investors have one contact that manages the whole process on their behalf, keeping them informed every step of the way.

    • Investors can maintain an enjoyable lifestyle and leverage the expertise of contacts of others to quickly build a portfolio of positive cashflow properties that contribute to their wealth.

Why should we find your investment property?

While many companies promote themselves as a ‘Buyer’s Agency’, very few offer a truly independent, fully transparent service – especially when it comes to positive cashflow properties. Here’s a brief analysis of some of the things that make us different:

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    Holistic done-for-you approach

    We aim to help you with every aspect of property investing from finding the right positive cashflow properties, negotiating the lowest price, sourcing finance, and overseeing all the logistics.

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    Access to our connections

    Our vast network of more than 80+ agents and experienced building and professional services give​ you access to rare off-market opportunities and the support you may need to build a successful positive cashflow property portfolio.

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    Truly independent, fully transparent

    Unlike other Buyer’s Agents who accept ‘secret’ commissions and kickbacks that may cloud their advice, we are truly independent, and our process is fully transparent.

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    Licensed across Australia

    Many Buyer’s Agents are restricted by limited state licenses. Our multi-state licenses mean we have access to great property opportunities in many states of Australia.

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    Positive cashflow properties

    While most investors lose money through negatively geared investments, we’ll help you find positive cashflow properties that can put money back in your pocket, with an added upside for growth.

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    Our best advice 100% free

    Your first step with lnvestorKit is a free consultation where we share our best ideas – specific to your situation – 100% free.
    Book a Free Consultation now.

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Arjun on a recent deal. His professionalism and follow up is second to none. The process with InvestorKit was flawless and exceeded my expectations from start to end and even post-deal support puts InvestorKit in a class of its own. Thank you Arjun & the team at InvestorKit. I highly recommend anyone looking for a quality buyer’s agency who will partner with you for the long term.

Yannick D.
InvestorKit Investor

Ready to find high growth, high yield properties?

The quickest and easiest way to find out more is to have a free consultation where we’ll share our best advice – specific to your situation – and show you how to find and secure investment properties that can produce passive income. At InvestorKit, we aim to grow your wealth without compromising your current lifestyle.