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Scaling from 1 to 5 properties in 2.5 years

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Lorna’s journey started with the InvestorKit team in 2019 from an introduction by her mortgage broker. She had 1 investment property at the time however it was an underperformer. Lorna knew things had to change, was motivated to do so and in turn engaged the expertise of our team in 2019. From here things moved very quickly over the next 2.5 years. We made purchases across Adelaide, Bendigo and Brisbane generating $100,000’s of equity gain, multiple streams of income, and catapulting her portfolio growth helping her get closer to her long term investing goals. Lorna has now transitioned from a client of InvestorKit to actually working and being a part of the InvestorKit team helping prospective investors see if our services are the right fit for them.

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