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Investing in Affordable Assets vs Waiting for Bigger Savings

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Savings are great but bigger savings don’t always translate to a better investment return. Investing in affordable assets (in Simons case his first one being under $300k in 2018) is often a great strategy no matter what part of the investment journey you are at. This is especially evident from Simon’s success, one of InvestorKit earliest clients. Despite external pressures and not having huge savings, Simon decided not to wait for the “right” moment but made present the right moment by investing in an affordable asset. Now, Simon has made two successful purchases and will soon be making a third. Leveraging equity from the earlier purchases has allowed this all to happen.

Is his success an anomaly or does this approach has actual merit? We’d argue that it’s the latter. Because for us, making the right decision is not a shot in the dark, but a decision that is backed by research and experience. The equity growth for Simon’s house just goes on to show that a successful investment would yield better returns as opposed to the “save now, buy later” approach.

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