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From a DIY Lemon to Profitable Property Portfolio

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Ani had a similar start to many on the investing front. = A major capital city= Fantastic suburb, with all the amenities = A quality look and feel to the property = One that was affordable to meet an entry budgetWhilst it all sounded great, unfortunately, this was a Lemon 🍋 for a number of reasons. It was a unit, purchased in a high rise building, at the peak of Melbourne’s prior growth cycle during a time when building approvals and supply levels were at record heights. Why is this important to call out?

Well because this is a critical moment for property investors who make this mistake.

The majority will give up on property investing for many years, or just have their eyes set on a home to live in from here. However Ani isn’t the majority, he’s someone who sees learning opportunities, is an action taker and strives for excellence with a very open mind to achieve his goals faster. Ani moved away from DIY investing and we’ve now had the pleasure to work with Ani for multiple years to create a profitable and scalable portfolio. Entering multiple markets at ideal times, Ani now has a total of 5 investment properties across 3x states, hear from him in this video.

Get ready to find high growth,
high yield properties.

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