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Former Olympian on Scaling his Property Portfolio

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Hayder Shkara previously made moves as an Olympian representing Australia for Taekwondo. Transitioning from Sporting to star to successful business owner was his next move. As the principal of Justice family lawyers running two offices (Sydney and Melbourne) and leading a sizable team, Hayder was a time-poor individual seeking support to build his wealth. Running a service-based business, Hayder valued professional support and understood the importance of having a team. Alongside this, he was ready to turn the switch on to scale his property portfolio, that too during the testing times (COVID pandemic).

Hear from Hayder and his journey with the InvestorKit team. He picked up 2x properties with us in a few months and generated hundreds of thousands in equity. More importantly, Hayder now has a clear strategy and methodology to continue scaling and achieving his investing goals.

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