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Buying a House in Sydney Sub $500k, How to Buy The Dip

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Preparation makes perfect. Being a mortgage broker himself, Ronald discusses the vitality of bringing together both planning and execution of your next purchase. Many people execute their goals when they have the savings to buy but often they fail to plan the servicing, the milestones, and the roadmap to scale their portfolio.

Formerly a nurse, Ronald was exposed to the property investing world in 2015. By learning from experienced professionals he was able to expand his investment knowledge and realized the value of becoming a borderless investor; purchasing his first property in 2015 in North Lakes, Queensland, the second in Geelong, Victoria two years later, and then lastly, a jackpot in Sydney in 2019.

His Sydney purchase via InvestorKit came during Sydney’s largest recent decline (2017-19), essentially timing as close as possible to the bottom of the market. Purchasing a freestanding home on over 550sqm of land for under $500K in the southwest of Sydney. A remarkably rare price point in Sydney for a house. Now valued well above $700k.

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