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Australia’s No 3 Ranked Broker (2021) on his journey with InvestorKit

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If you’re after one of the most powerful tips to successfully achieving your investing goals. Here it is: GO WHERE THE PROS GO

In this video, Australia’s No. 3 Ranked Mortgage broker (Cullen Haynes) for 2021 by Mortgage Professionals Australia (MPA) shares more on his Journey of why he uses InvestorKit for his own property portfolio (2x purchases, with more ahead) + uses us for his clients.

Cullen Haynes is the Director of Sales at Legal Home Loans Australia’s only mortgage broking service that specialises in finance for lawyers. On the journey with our team Cullen has personally experienced the world of off-market property, investing outside of his backyard, high market pressure causing equity growth and more.

Many of Legal Home Loans clients who use our services are some of Australia’s most successful in the profession of law. From leading Barristers, principals/business owners, lawyers and other legal professionals, you too can go where the pros go.

Get ready to find high growth,
high yield properties.

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