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This is how Millennials are shaping the real estate market

14 December 2022
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In this very special episode, self-proclaimed data nerds Arjun Paliwal and Leigh Paliwal welcome fellow nerd Simon Kuestenmacher to pick his brain about how the different demographic trends are reshaping the market.Arjun, head of research at InvestorKit, and Leigh, director of Hills Finance, sit down with the director and co-founder of The Demographics Group to peruse how the aspirations, lifestyles and current life stages of the different age groups are affecting trends in different housing markets.With Millennials now being the largest adult cohort in Australia, Simon explains how this generation is now dictating market fundamentals and how other generations are coping with these shifts in market dynamics.The nerds also talk about how the pandemic has changed buyer behaviour, discuss why the rebound in international migration will give central business districts their pre-pandemic shine, and dig deeper into how cultural and social influences of migrants are inevitably woven into the country’s housing market tapestry. They also touch on the latest lending data and what it spells for the investors.

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