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Stop viewing the property market as ‘feast or famine’

14 December 2022
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In this special episode, self-proclaimed data nerd Arjun Paliwal is joined by another self-labelled data geek, John Foong, to scrutinise what strategy works best in a market downturn.Arjun, head of research at InvestorKit, sits down with the chief revenue officer at Domain to peruse current market conditions and unpack why a “feast-or-famine” view of the real estate market can result in costly investing mistakes.Drawing from his extensive experience as an investor across different countries and his established career across several industries, John explains why optimising holding phases and taking advantage of buying windows no matter the phase of the market cycle ultimately trumps the timing-the-market investment strategy.The duo also give their predictions for the trends that emerged during the pandemic, such as the tree-change and sea-change trends and pore over the data points (both historical and present) to back their belief that the property market’s current downswing will not be as detrimental as pessimists paint it to be.

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