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Scaling A Portfolio to $10,000,000 in Just 4 Years…. How?! – With Aman Sethi

13 December 2023
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It’s always a treat when we’re able to bring a valued client of ours onto the podcast and give them a platform to explain their unique journey, the obstacles they faced, and how they found success.

And this episode is no different, as we welcome Aman Sethi, a client of ours for about 4 years who has achieved so much in that short period of time.

He’ll share his journey on how he managed to scale so quickly, the serviceability hurdles he overcame, why a buyers agent was right for him, and most importantly, how you can emulate this kind of success with your own portfolio!

So join us as we open up Aman’s journey from the beginning, exploring how he managed to achieve a portfolio value of $10,000,000 and where he plans to go from here.



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