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Let’s talk fundamentals — Why the market is far from weak

14 December 2022
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On the latest episode of The Property Nerds podcast, self-proclaimed data nerds Arjun Paliwal and Leigh Paliwal unpack the major housing market fundamentals and explain why the sky won’t fall on investors any time soon.Arjun, head of research at InvestorKit, and Leigh, director of Hills Finance, debunk the doom-and-gloom narrative parroted by the media by dissecting the different economic, financial, and social fundamentals that are keeping the market in a generally sound state.While they acknowledged that several markets had become weaker compared to last year, Arjun and Leigh provide their data-backed take on why they believe a market rebound is on the horizon in the near term and also share their predictions for market trends in the coming months.To find out more about the markets where the boom is not over yet, check out the 10 regions positioned for further growth.

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