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Investing in NSW for under $650k

14 December 2022
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On the first episode of The Property Nerds for 2022, self-proclaimed data nerds Arjun Paliwal and Leigh Paliwal look at the top five places that investors should consider if they want to buy in NSW for under $650,000.They dig into the methodology they used to identify these locations and pull the curtain back on what makes these cities and towns primed for growth.The duo also look at the December 2021 lending indicators and the substantial difference we’re seeing over the same period in the previous year.Investors are definitely back in action, setting a record with $10.3 billion worth of new borrower-accepted loan commitments. The pair foresee that rising in the first months of 2022, reporting that investor activity has been strong in the market at large as well as in their business, InvestorKit, at the start of the year.

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