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How Tactics could Accelerate Portfolio Growth – 3 Part Masterclass

6 September 2023
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Strategy just might be the most overused word today, not just in the property investing space but really in most finance spaces.

And while you’ve likely heard it before, how many of those people could explain  in detail what it means and how to implement them effectively?

That’s why in today’s episode and Part 1 of this 3 Part Masterclass, I want you to gain a better understanding of the differences between strategy and tactics and figure out how you can utilize them to grow your portfolio.

Because when your strategies and tactics are working together, you could very likely improve your chance at achieving your property goals quickly and skillfully.

So don’t miss this episode or any of the 3 Parts of this Masterclass because we’ll be diving deep into tactics, strategies and transformations which could be the playbook that will help you scale your portfolio to that next level.

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