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Flipping Properties VS Investing! Is It Really Worth The Effort?

17 January 2024
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We’ve all seen reality shows like The Block where the winners sell their renovated property for astronomical values and walk away with much heavier pockets.

And I’m sure after watching shows like that, you’ve thought that flipping might be the right thing for you.

But in today’s episode, I’m going to put flipping to the test!

I want to compare a flipper’s journey, flipping a new house every year to that of a standard buy & hold investor.

And see which of them has the highest return after 5 years…

Because there are certainly pros to flipping and choosing to travel down that swim lane but if we compare it to the tried & true methods of buying and holding, does it still hold up?

That’s exactly what we’re going to find out.

So if you’re someone who’s torn between investing and flipping, by the end of today’s episode, all of your questions will be answered!


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