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How to find hidden growth suburbs in 2022 and scale towards a $3M+ portfolio

Discover the secret market indicators he uses to reliably uncover bargain positive cashflow investment properties with enormous growth potential.
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Image of eBook - 7 indicators for investors who want to build a scalable property portfolio

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We all know property is a great way to grow wealthy. Yet there’s so much money on the line, and so many factors that can go wrong. This free eBook from multi-millionaire property investor Arjun Paliwal reveals the proven methods and strategies he’s used to build his 11 property portfolio and his clients fortune in record time..

In the last 3 years alone, over 45% of clients they’ve helped have built million and multi-million-dollar portfolios with 3+ investment investment properties. According to the ATO, this places them in the top 10% of Australian property investors based on the number of properties individually owned. If you want to transform your financial future through property investment, download your copy of this exclusive eBook now.

​The ‘lead indicators’ used by research companies and sophisticated investors that demonstrates changing market heat and conditions to better time the market and find piping hot properties with explosive growth potential
The ‘water cooler’ property advice that costs investors MILLION… this well-meaning guidance from colleagues, friends and family members is sabotaging your success
How a “quiet Aussie town” you can barely even see on a map in the last year alone provided InvestorKit clients annual returns of up to 14%+... Go to Page 7 to find out exactly where this booming town is!
Enter the mind of an industry recognised professional researcher and buyers agent to steal all of his investment secrets… discover how to buy 1, 2…even 3+ investment properties without crippling your cashflow.
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When you download this eBook, you won’t just discover the methods Arjun uses to find properties with explosive growth potential. You’ll find out how to build a large property portfolio that provides passive income and financial freedom.