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3 Regions Benefitting From The Infrastructure Boom

In Australia's relentless march toward a projected population of 49 million by 2066, the nation is currently experiencing a remarkable "Infrastructure Boom". In today's blog, we discuss the benefits of infrastructure investments and 3 regions thriving in this Infrastructure Boom.

3 Regions Benefitting From The Infrastructure Boom

In Australia’s relentless march toward a projected population of 49 million by 2066, the nation is currently experiencing a remarkable “Infrastructure Boom”. 

A collective commitment from federal, state, and local governments has unleashed an investment storm, with over A$218 billion earmarked for major public infrastructure between 2021 and 2025, according to Infrastructure Partnerships Australia.

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Infrastructure investment is an important economic indicator of property market performance. The financial injection brings multifaceted benefits to both local economies and residents, including but not limited to the following:


Benefit #1: Fuelling Economic Growth

Image of 65110790dcdc15a3fb3437ce Economic%20Growth

Infrastructure projects, particularly major ones, are labour-intensive endeavours. From the construction phase, which demands a sizable workforce, to the ongoing operational requirements, such as those seen with airports, universities, and hospitals, these projects have a substantial impact on job creation and local businesses.

Take, for example, the construction of Western Sydney Airport. It’s set to deliver up to 3,200 jobs during its construction phase, and once operational, it will provide 9,000 airport-related positions. According to the Western Sydney District Plan (2018), it’s projected to support a staggering 48,000 jobs by 2041, spanning various sectors, including manufacturing, retail, and professional services. Additionally, it will anchor the new Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis, ushering in opportunities in manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, and more for the local community.


Benefit #2: Enhancing Connectivity and Accessibility

Image of 6511079db4cf4782673c7efb Connectivity

Many of Australia’s current flagship projects are in the transportation sector, such as the Sydney Metro, Melbourne Metro Tunnel, North-South Corridor in Adelaide, Melbourne-Brisbane Inland Rail, and the Queensland Bruce Highway Upgrade.

These projects are transformative as they facilitate faster, safer, and more expansive travel options, especially in regional areas where services are traditionally less concentrated. Enhanced connectivity streamlines industry resources, makes jobs more accessible, and accelerates product delivery to markets, resulting in increased productivity and overall economic growth.


Benefit #3: Elevating Liveability and Attractiveness

Image of 651107a5b18c3654b8835f3e Liveability

Infrastructure initiatives also play a pivotal role in bolstering a location’s attractiveness and liveability. Transport infrastructure, for instance, improves commuting efficiency, while social infrastructure enriches the daily lives of residents. Furthermore, medical infrastructure often becomes a deciding factor for individuals when choosing where to reside.

Australia’s regions stand to gain significantly from this trend, given their existing advantages in affordability and growing net internal migration. Infrastructure projects that introduce amenities the same as those in major cities raise the regions’ profiles. For example, the substantial investments pouring into major regional medical projects are enhancing liveability, creating highly skilled jobs in construction and beyond, and diversifying local economies.


These infrastructure developments, catalysing economic growth, job creation, and improved liveability, are some of the key drivers in stimulating demand and influencing property market dynamics. Now, let’s explore three regions reaping the rewards of these infrastructure investments.

Gympie, QLD – Where Connectivity Thrives

Situated just an hour’s drive from the Sunshine Coast and slightly over two hours from Brisbane, Gympie’s property market enjoys the best of both worlds: proximity to major cities and affordability. The upgrade of the Bruce Highway, slashing travel times between Gympie and these two urban centres, has ushered in increased traffic, more businesses, greater employment opportunities, and heightened housing demand.

Image of 65110ea891ffe1dcbbe52998 Table%201

Gympie’s unemployment rate has dropped to the lowest point in over a decade.

Image of 65110e21b4ae221e42246f14 page 2


As housing demand surged in response to lifestyle and affordability factors, property prices followed suit.

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The rental market, too, experienced intense demand, leading to a 65% surge in rental prices over the past five years.

Image of 65110e3b97ef406003d2d95a page 4


Port Stephens, NSW – A Hub of Opportunity

Port Stephens, with its affordable housing prices and idyllic coastal lifestyle, has drawn in residents seeking a balance between affordability and comfort. The region has also benefited from transport infrastructure improvements, such as the Pacific Motorway upgrade. However, what truly sets Port Stephens apart is its involvement in a series of infrastructure projects that are generating substantial job opportunities.

Image of 65110e9d860ee572c4144c45 Table%202


Port Stephens’ unemployment rate is now at the lowest level since 2013, and the job market is expected to stay active as the above infrastructure developments come into full swing.

Image of 65110e4456860722c6b64838 page 5

While housing demand in Port Stephens has dipped slightly from its peak a year ago, it remains well above the ten-year average relative to supply, with house prices experiencing a notable 124% increase.

Image of 65110e5156860722c6b64ecd page 6

With a 2% vacancy rate, rental market dynamics have eased somewhat since the pandemic. The under-construction employment hubs are expected to rekindle rental growth.

Image of 65110e5f1879522cb18e8e21 page 7

Melton, VIC – Shaping a Lively Community

Melton, the newest member of Greater Melbourne’s Significant Urban Areas, is rapidly evolving from a commuter town into a fully equipped community. Major infrastructure developments have catalysed this transformation:

Image of 65110e8fbc7dcfb54aa8bad8 Table%203

Melton’s unemployment rate (5.7%), though not at the low level of Greater Melbourne (3.7%), has reached its lowest point since late 2011.

Image of 65110e67bc7dcfb54aa8a44a page 8

The region’s housing demand, as reflected in sales volume, has seen a consistent uptick over the past three years. This heightened demand, coupled with a diminishing supply, has driven house prices upward in 2021-22. 

Image of 65110e6f4ab93e6e7ae6447c page 9

In the rental market, vacancy rates have plummeted to a decade-low, resulting in robust rental growth over the past year, with further growth anticipated.

Image of 65110e79197d7f9624b3ef3c page 10

Gympie, Port Stephens, and Melton exemplify the profound impact of infrastructure projects on local economies and property markets. However, it’s crucial for property investors to remember that a market’s performance isn’t dictated by any single factor. Infrastructure is a potent stimulant, but it must be evaluated alongside other economic and property market indicators when making location-based investment decisions.

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