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Introducing A.R.I
Your Game-Changer in Property Investment Analysis

Discover the future of property investment analysis with A.R.I, Australia’s most sophisticated and user-friendly cash flow analyser ever created.

Designed for both seasoned investors and newcomers, A.R.I simplifies complex calculations, offering you a clear picture of your potential investment returns.

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Why A.R.I? Here’s What Sets It Apart:

  • Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets: A.R.I replaces cumbersome spreadsheets with a sleek, mobile-friendly interface. It’s time to experience property analysis like never before!
  • Up-to-Date Data at Your Fingertips: Linked to InvestorKit’s A.I. data hub, A.R.I’s variables and calculations will always improve over time. No more outdated spreadsheet
  • Your Feedback Matters: A.R.I is built for you, and your input is invaluable. Use the feedback button in A.R.I to suggest features or improvements – we’re listening!
  • In-House Innovation: Developed in-house, A.R.I rapidly adapts and evolves, integrating the latest features. We’ll be updating A.R.I. with the recent upcoming FY24-25 tax changes as they’re confirmed.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: A.R.I doesn’t just crunch numbers; it visualises your potential 10 to 30-year cash flow and growth projections, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Award-Winning Expertise: Powered by InvestorKit, Australia’s Only Buyer’s Agency to win #1 for 2023 & 2024.
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