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New releases,
improvements, & fixes

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February 2024:

Contextualising your Investment Property

1. Enhanced Address Input & Data Integration: We’ve introduced an intuitive feature where entering a street address automatically updates the map and fills in the state and postcode.

This will allow you to visualise your investment location on a street map. This street map is interactive, so you can scroll and zoom around the location.

2. Customisable Interest & Growth Rates: Understanding the dynamic nature of property investment, A.R.I now allows you to adjust interest rates and growth rates for each year of your investment.

This flexibility lets you explore various financial scenarios and their impact on your cash flow over time. By offering a clearer picture of potential future outcomes, this feature empowers you to make more informed decisions tailored to your investment strategy.

3. Property Purchase Type Selection: To further refine the accuracy of your investment analysis, A.R.I now includes an option to select the type of property purchase.

This information enhances our data collection, allowing us to provide you with insights that are more closely aligned with your specific investment type. Whether you’re investing in residential, commercial, or any other type of property, this feature ensures that A.R.I’s analysis is as relevant and useful as possible.

4. Bug Fixes with Form Fields: In our continuous effort to improve A.R.I’s usability and reliability, this update includes several bug fixes related to form fields.

These improvements address issues that may have previously impacted data entry or the overall user experience. With these fixes, we aim to provide a smoother and more accurate analysis process, allowing you to focus on what matters most—maximising your investment’s potential. This change has required us to request users who participated in the beta version of A.R.I to use a new link.

If you are currently using the beta version, a prompt will appear requesting you to use our official v1 link.