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  • We’re not just any other buyer’s agency; we’re Australia’s #1 Buyer’s Agency for 2023 and 2024. That’s not just a title; it’s your assurance of quality.
  • We’re making 500+ calls to our network of 1000+ agencies weekly to find you the best residential and commercial deals.
  • Overcome analysis paralysis. We invest over $500K per year into AI, property data and research, allowing us to deep-dive into the market and find hotspots that are geared for long-term growth.
  • On average, we’ve outperformed the market by up to 49%, where most of our clients obtain 3 properties within 3 years from us, pulling them into the top 10% of property investors.
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Australia’s No 3 Ranked Broker (2021) on his journey with InvestorKit

In this video, Australia’s No. 3 Ranked Mortgage broker (Cullen Haynes) for 2021 by Mortgage Professionals Australia (MPA) shares more on his Journey of why he uses InvestorKit for his own property portfolio (2x purchases, with more ahead) + uses us for his clients.

Accidental Investor Transitions To Borderless Investor With A Portfolio Of 5x Properties

Renji & Bency started their journey as accidental investors, purchasing an affordable townhouse to live in before turning it to an investment property by upsizing houses in the same city. Stuck with 2x assets in the same city, they were unsure of where to go and how to best scale their portfolio. Tune in to this video to learn more about what happened next and how the scaling journey with the InvestorKit team is going.

Creating a Fortified Property Portfolio: 4x Properties Across 4x Cities in 12 Months

Even though we were in the middle of a global pandemic, in 2021 Luke decided it was time to leap into property investing with the team at InvestorKit. We worked together to purchase 4x properties across 4x cities. Brisbane, Adelaide, Coffs Harbour, Queanbeyan. Our industry leading market research, assistance to those close to Luke, the expertise and track record of scaling portfolios was all part of why he chose Investorkit.

Diversity and Performance: 3 Properties, 3 Cities, 2 Years

‍The couple made their first purchase in early 2020 at the height of COVID restrictions and that too outside of their backyard city. Despite the uncertainty of the times they put their faith in a borderless approach, engaging the data-driven support of InvestorKit to help them through the process.

First Time Investor Achieves $165k Capital Growth (30.85%) in 9 months

Gokul’s first purchase has grown by $165k in 9 months which is 30.85% capital growth. Annualising that equals to an enormous 41% capital growth! This catapulted Gokul from his first to the second and now we’re planning the 3rd.