August 7, 2021

NSW North Coast Market Pressure Review

Discover the key housing indicators we use to uncover market pressure and trends for rents and prices. Our Analysis highlights recent performance and provides insights into what is ahead for the NSW North coast regions.

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Meet the Authors

Arjun Paliwal
Director & Head of Research
Junge Ma
Research Analyst

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NSW North Coast Market Pressure Review

Here's what you
will discover...

A deep dive into the coastal house markets for 8 Sa3 regions starting from the Richmond Valley-Coastal Sa3 region (known for the city of Byron Bay), down to Sydney's neighbouring Sa3 regions to the north Gosford and Wyong (known as the Central Coast).
The market indicators used by industry leading researchers to uncover market pressure and short term capital/rental growth forecasts.
A behind the scenes view for some of the research and interpretation of data that goes into location selection by an award winning investment property buyers agency (InvestorKit).
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