August 3, 2022

Australia's Housing Fundamentals Analysis

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Sydney's house price is falling at an annualised pace of -22%, and Melbourne's -15%. These figures sound terrible to recent home buyers and may give people an impression that all cities across the country will follow the big two and go into a slump.

However,  the national housing fundamentals and market pressure indicators of each city are telling a different story.

In this month’s whitepaper, a deep dive into Australia’s economic, demographic and property market data shows that Australia's housing fundamentals are quite resilient to the rate hikes; Different states' and cities' market cycles are diversifying rather than following a blanket approach of capital growth many are used to over the last two years.

For our detailed analysis on the country’s housing fundamentals and market pressure review on the 8 capital cities & 25 major regional cities, click the Download button below!

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Meet the Authors

Arjun Paliwal
Director & Head of Research
Junge Ma
Research Analyst

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Australia's Housing Fundamentals Analysis

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25 housing fundamentals scored based on most up-to-date data available;
Detailed analysis on each fundamental, strong or weak;
Which markets are expected to grow in the coming year?
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