April 7, 2022

10 of Australia’s Economic Powerhouse Cities

2 years after the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia has been able to live with the virus with the economy recovering and now moving from strength to strength. Many local economies have even exceeded their pre-pandemic performance.

In this month’s Market Pressure Review, the InvestorKit buyer's agency research team reviewed Australia's many local economies, and came up with 10 of the country's best performing/fast recovering local economies and their housing markets. We go through their Gross Regional Product (GRP), industry diversity, population, unemployment rates and jobs, airport passenger movement, construction pipeline, and their respective housing trends data (e.g. sales market pressure, rental market pressure, affordability, and more), to draw a clear picture for you of their performance in economic growth and housing markets.

From North Queensland to Tasmania, and from capital cities to inland towns, the 10 cities feature quite a diversity in location and lifestyle. To meet these cities, simply click the Download button below.

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Meet the Authors

Junge Ma
Research Analyst
Arjun Paliwal
Director & Head of Research

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10 of Australia’s Economic Powerhouse Cities

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Explore 10 of Australia’s best performing/fast recovering local economies and their housing markets.
A range of data and insights in each local economy, including GRP, unemployment, construction pipeline, etc.
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