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Lawyer in his 20’s goes from 0-3 properties in 3 years

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We are in times where more than ever people want to find a way to bring down someone’s investing achievements. Looking for ways to find the help they received, or why someone else did something they haven’t. If that’s not you, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this story. If that is you, try all you want because you’ll find nothing here! Why?… Well Nafiz (aka Dru) is a self made example of investing success.

From his teens to his early 20s Nafiz has displayed a phenomenal drive for growth in so many areas: career, income, personal finances, and health. He’s now a lawyer with a very successful path ahead of him. No partner or second income to help service loans, no money or guarantor support from family to fast track the purchases. Remains humble, curious and eager to learn from others who’ve achieved the results he wants. Believes in the power of a team to help get him there fasterIs just genuinely a good guy, someone who’s always there to help family and friends.

Whether it’s financially or in other ways Nafiz understands that there is nothing else more important than action taking to hit the goals he’s set. In this video, Nafiz and I catch-up to talk about his investing journey with our team in particular.

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