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Why New Build Properties May Not Be the Best Investment Choice

8 June 2023
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Attention all property investors! Are you considering investing in a new build property? Hold your horses! Before you do, make sure you check out this must-listen podcast episode. 

In this episode, I’m going to share my personal experience of buying a new building property that didn’t work out. Hear my advice to people on how they can avoid investing in new builds and go through his case study to explain why it didn’t work. 

If you’re wondering why new builds might not be a good investment, I’m gonna share some interesting points and talk about how taxes, regulatory costs, and excessive charges can make up 50% of the cost of a new build. I’ll also mention that when you sell, you have to give back the depreciation you claimed.

So, if you’re a property investor looking to make informed investment decisions, you won’t want to miss this podcast episode! 

Tune in to learn more about the pitfalls of investing in new build property and how to avoid them.

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