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Unpacking The Research On 4 Investing Myths

4 January 2023
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It is indisputable, there is no general one-size-fits-all guide to property investing. 

But we’re here to put some common myths to scrutiny and set the records straight.

There are plenty of misconceptions about real estate investments that you need to steer clear of. Most often than not, this holds people back and influences the decision-making process. 

And yes… This is especially challenging if you’re new to the game.

Are you letting these myths take control of your property investing journey?

Junge Ma, Research Analyst at InvestorKit, joins us today to deliberate about the common myths and beliefs that investors are led to believe. We have heard untrue stories and tales, but we got all the data to back up the claim. 

While it’s essential to dig deep for valuable information about property investing, we have done the research and the groundwork for you. Tune in to hear more about how we unlock the research on these 4 investing myths in the property investing world.

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