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The Secrets To Unlocking Off-Market and Pre-Market Properties

25 January 2023
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In this digital era, the rise of social media has been revamping and reshaping the real estate market. 

In the world of professional buying, the agents that are dominating the race and continuing to win listings often use proven market strategies. This could seem like a gold mine for many, but only if you play your cards right.

Off-market property, pre-market property, post-market property… 

What does this all mean? 

Today, we’re going to unpack this for you.

AJ Sharma, Head of Acquisitions at the InvestorKit team, joins us today to deep dive into his four secrets and tips around getting off-market, pre-market, and post-market properties. Tune in to hear more about actionable items and key takeaways to grow your portfolio and make all the right moves.

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