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The data sets investors must keep track of

9 June 2023
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In this episode, data nerd Arjun Paliwal is joined by Nerida Conisbee to make sense of the different housing data indicators and work out what it means for future property trends.

Arjun, head of research at InvestorKit, sits down with Ray White’s chief economist to talk about how the market is beginning to show signs of recovery before analysing which areas are poised to lead the rebound.

For investors looking to “make a call” in their investment strategy, the duo underlines the importance of not only taking into account housing data but also economic indicators, demographic trends and other market-shaping factors.

They also address the different challenges in today’s market, including the ongoing rental crisis, escalating construction costs, and supply shortages before unpacking the short, medium and long-term indicators that investors need to keep track of to make informed and data-driven investing decisions.

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