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How to find the ‘X Factor’ scenario for your borrowing capacity

9 June 2023
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With the ceiling to the Reserve Bank’s interest rate hike cycle still out of plain sight, data nerds Arjun Paliwal and Leigh Paliwal say it’s more important than ever for investors to be proactive in improving their financial positions.

Arjun, founder of InvestorKit, and Leigh, director at Hills Finance, unpack the rising trend of refinancing among mortgage holders and present different financing strategies that can help investors continue scaling their portfolios despite the increasing pressure on borrowing capacity.

They also warned against getting caught up with predictions in the market and instead urged market players to “focus on the chain of events” that can set up the stage for a forecasted scenario so they can accordingly improvise and adapt their strategies.

Lastly, they talk about Australia’s ongoing infrastructure boom and explain its potential impact on the property market.

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