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Get Ahead in Your Investments: Learn from Eva’s Expertise in Investment Lending

5 April 2023
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Are you a first-time investor looking to make the most of your money? Are you feeling lost and unsure about where to start with your investments?

Fear not, because in today’s episode our guest, an expert financial consultant shares her expertise in investment lending and helps you avoid the pitfalls of first-time investors.

Eva from Finni Mortgages, tackle her solution-focused approach to helping borrowers get ahead. She’ll walk you through the difference between a specialist in investment lending and a regular mortgage lender, explain the cost of paying an EMI, and help you understand how LMI can be your friend.

But that’s not all! Eva also dives into the importance of building a team of professionals to help you succeed and reveals the common traits of successful investors. Plus, she’ll share how you can get in touch with her for even more information.

Tune in to the InvestorKit Podcast to learn more about how to make the most of your investments and reach your financial goals. From choosing the right lender to building a successful investment portfolio, we’ve got you covered.

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