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Client Stories: Amol’s Journey To 9 Investment Properties

24 December 2022
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There is no denying it, the first step to anything is deciding to start. 

Real estate investment doesn’t come with a blueprint.

But…There are hefty ways to get yourself in the mindset of the pros. 

If done right, your investment journey can be tremendously lucrative.

Amol Khuntale, Director and Mortgage Broker at ASK Financials, joins us today to share his exciting journey to 9 investment properties to date. And mind you, he isn’t the typical investor who caps out at one or two investment properties.

With his insider industry knowledge being a mortgage broker and as a client of InvestorKit, we will go deep into some of the tips, things he’s picked up on his mindset of investing, and his overall journey… 

Reflecting on what’s gone well, what he’s improved on, and where he’s going with his portfolio. 

Tune in to hear from him and learn some tips that will help you diversify your investment portfolio and scale your journey to new and greater heights.

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