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5 new rules for investing in a high-interest rate environment

21 July 2023
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With the country’s interest rate at an 11-year high, what are the new rules for playing the property investment game?

Data nerd and founder of InvestorKit, Arjun Paliwal, sits down with Redom Syed, co-director at Confidence Finance, to provide a combined property research and housing finance point of view on how the Reserve Bank of Australia’s rapid rate rise cycle has raised the hurdles faced by property investors.

Amid increased mortgage repayments and reduced borrowing capacity, many property investors are skeptical about buying. However, the experts say it’s all about learning the new rules investors must play in this high-interest rate environment, such as adopting a holistic cash flow perspective and prioritising microeconomic factors over macroeconomics, among others.

Lastly, they remind investors there are always opportunities across the markets, emphasising that “doing something is better than doing nothing”.

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