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Research Analyst

$70K + Super + Bonus (Equivalent to 20% of your base salary)
Working Requirements
Australian Residents Only
Application Close Date

About the role:

We have an exciting opportunity to join our growing research division and work alongside the one and only Junge Ma, our economic wonder woman who is the heart of all our research data, blogs and whitepapers here at InvestorKit.

But she can no longer do it alone, she needs you!

As a Research Analyst at InvestorKit, you will be responsible for sourcing, analyzing, interpreting, and maintaining our industry-leading property insight data. Reporting directly to Junge, you will provide crucial advisory support to all departments, ensuring that our teams are equipped with the latest and most accurate data.

About InvestorKit:

InvestorKit is Australia’s leading buyers agency, renowned for its data-driven approach and high-performance culture. We specialise in helping clients achieve their financial goals through strategic property investments backed by comprehensive market analysis and insights. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations by leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise.

The Research Analyst role is perfect for someone who is looking to build their career in research and real estate. This role offers a unique opportunity to contribute to our client’s success, our credibility in the market, and progress within the organization, all while being at the forefront of Australia’s property investment journey.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Data Sourcing and Analysis: Gather and analyze property data from various sources to provide actionable insights.
  • Data Interpretation: Interpret complex data sets to generate meaningful insights and trends.
  • Data Maintenance: Ensure the ongoing accuracy and relevance of our property data.
  • Advisory Support: Provide data-driven advisory support to all departments within InvestorKit.
  • Content Collaboration: Work collaboratively on the creation of white papers, blogs, and podcasts, contributing to InvestorKit’s thought leadership.
  • Cross-Departmental Coordination: Work closely with the Acquisitions and Strategy departments to onboard new regions as required.
  • Team Support: Ensure the Acquisitions, Strategy, and Sales teams are set up with all the necessary data to achieve successful results for our clients.

Desired traits:

  • A deep interest in property investing and housing economics
  • A love for interpreting numbers, unafraid of the micro and macro
  • Clear attention to detail and the ability to articulate ideas clearly
  • An Excel expert, always has some secret equation to save the day
  • Social, likes to engage with a wide team and be a part of its culture
  • A critical thinker.
  • A self starter, comfortable with working autonomously
  • Has experience in, or is excited by the idea of working in a medium sized, scale up business (We are decidedly not Corporate!)
  • Unafraid to be on camera or what their voice sounds like in a recording
  • Cares about helping people make better, more informed decisions about their money

Skills and Qualifications:

  • A demonstrated background in economics, property or finance is required. Could be from a previous role in a similar field, a student currently studying or a recent graduate.