Who’s your best friend?

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Quick question, what do your best friends help you with? Help you when you’re down? Bring you back up? Maybe they even are just there for you. Maybe making those big, difficult things feel easy and make you feel good. Who’s your best friend? Is he your dog? Is he your cat? Maybe your bridesmaid, your best man? I want to show you who my best friend is. Meet the calculator. That’s my best friend. 

Now, you might be going, Arjun, too weird. But look, I’ll take that, because the calculator helps me do things that are unimaginable. I want you to use the calculator to do the same things for you because, guess what, it’s there when you need it. It’s gonna help you break down those difficult things. It’s gonna make things that you thought weren’t even possible, possible. When you’re thinking of money, and the goals you want to achieve, and the good you want to do with it, get your best friend out, the calculator, and use it to make things possible.