Visualise Winning Gold!

‘Brian Tracy’ once said…….

I truly resonate with this! 

We see it all the time, sports athletes visualise themselves winning gold or achieving a personal best. In some sports, athletes also visualise how they will take the next two turns on a track, or how they will shoot the basketball in a particular situation. 

‘winning gold’ does not need to be limited to JUST SPORTS. We can do the same with our financial success, health, relationships, travel and many other parts of our lives. How you ask?

Visualise the outcome of achieving those goals and your desired state

Visualise how others would be benefited from your work/efforts/success 

Visualise the satisfying parts of the journey aka THE CLIMB

Visualise the challenges and the lessons that may come up so you can be ready for them (to a certain extent)

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Visualise Winning GOLD!

Jim Carrey is someone who comes to mind that visualised himself ‘winning gold’. His story about how he kept a $10 million cheque made out to himself in the future might just be that inspiration we all need. Everyday he worked towards his goal and kept visualising him achieving this level of success. 

I actually have done something of a similar nature, however, I gave one cheque to my mother, another to my father, one to myself for the purpose of setting up a charitable organisation and lastly one to my wife. For us all to cash many years from now, to create a better life for ourselves, loved ones, others and for those in need.

Im not a life, business, health, mind, or relationship coach. I am your everyday person, who each day feels like I have in the past / am now / and will continue to KEEP VISUALISING MYSELF WINNING GOLD in multiple aspects of my life. 

Someone that simply wants to share this thought, feeling and action, hoping others will see themselves in the same light. All whilst striving to do more for themselves, family, loved ones and others in need of help.

#Anythingispossible #Peoplearejustpeople  #Winningold #Minsetmatters 

Should you wish to see that Jim Carrey interview on the opera show, here it is (copy and paste the link). http://www.oprah.com/oprahs-lifeclass/what-oprah-learned-from-jim-carrey-video


Arjun Paliwal