Tuan Duong, Founder of ‘DuoTax Quantity Surveying’ joins Arjun to share all things ‘Depreciation’ with investors

Want our top tips for finding investment properties that PAY YOU?
  • The top eight strategies to consider when searching for positive cashflow investment properties
  • What a positive cashflow property looks like ‘on the books’. In other words, you’ll see an example cashflow analysis clearly demonstrating HOW a property can pay YOU every week
  • And much more.

Tuan Duong director at Duo Tax Quantity Surveyors joins Arjun to share his insights on all things depreciation. A HUGE portion of property investors are not aware of depreciation and the impact it has on your finances. You won’t want to miss this as Tuan shares a lot of GOLD in this episode of InvestorPool.