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Social media investors. If you’re on social media, you would have seen social media investors all over the place. Now when you’re looking at property and the subject of property in Australia, it’s so spoken about. Everyone loves it, everyone loves to talk about it and whoever doesn’t even love it, they’ll still be making their opinions well known. 

Why I mention the social media investor is because when you are looking to, you know, take advice or learn from others, almost everyone has an opinion on the subject of property but in terms of social media, something that most of us are on all the time, you know, phones, laptops, tablets, heck, you can even say newspapers and things like that although it doesn’t come under social media itself. 

Why I say that is because when you’re hearing all these opinions, let’s talk about the actual number of, perhaps, valid opinions in terms of investors that are actually in the property game. Now from ATO you can gather some statistics. Now 90% of investors, who invest in property in Australia actually own one to two properties. So that could mean, almost 90% plus or close to that 90% mark of the people commenting on social media may not have the expertise to be able to say or have certain opinions that they’ve practiced. 

So consider that, you’re investing or you’re looking to invest and you’re hearing opinions from all over and you’re ready take your friend’s advice because, they seem smart or they seem knowledgeable or you know, they might be able to guide you based on that one property or the two properties they bought. Now I’m not saying suddenly someone who doesn’t have properties or someone who only has one or two cannot make valid opinions. They definitely can but it’s about how many opinions are you lost in until you find that one that may actually make a difference to your investing, and this is why it’s important to consider that actually only around 20000 people, in the country, which I believe is around .07 or .08% of the 1.7 to 1.8 million investors in Australia, own six or more properties.

Now that’s not a lot of people when you consider 20000 against the 25 million, and if that’s the case, those are the opinions you should be seeking out. Those are the opinions that you should consider when looking at making large decisions. Not every strategy will be the same but I’m sure along these different people you may find one strategy that will suit you, suit the lifestyle and suit the goals that you’re trying to achieve. 

Next time you’re on social media, beware of the social media investor. That’s it from us here at InvestorKit, the experts of wealth creation. Helping you take action.