Seeing The Other Side

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… Possibly one of the most important things when it comes to your focus on building your wealth and getting your money mindset right. Now, when it comes to setting goals, if you haven’t heard of something called seeing the other side, you may be putting goals beside you that are realistic, achievable, and perhaps even too easy. There’s a saying around, okay, you don’t want to get demotivated with setting huge goals. But I’m a complete believer of the opposite. I consider those to be milestones, not goals. And when I say see the other side, what I mean by that is go to people, meet with people, surround yourself with people that have done things that you almost felt were impossible.

And when you see things from their lens, your level of potential, or what you think is your level of potential, can suddenly climb to new levels. I encourage you to see the other side when setting goals, and at times, even avoid being realistic.