Results Vs Time In Role

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I’ve recently had a connection and this connection was someone who had followed my journey along for some time, but they asked me an interesting question about, “Arjun, you shared about the topic of increasing income and that focus on it. Is there anything that you can give in particular talking about career movements?”

So, there is an example where I’m looking back at my own career in the banking space and what I really found was that it’s very easy in a career to focus on time in role and the movement that you should get based on the time you spent in a role.

But very easy is it to forget results, because when I shifted my mindset from, “Oh no, but I’ve spent six months here, why am I not in the next thing? I’ve had two years here,” feeling very entitled, and I shifted that focus to be on the results, the results I’ve produced from my customers, the results I’ve produced in my team, the results I’ve produced in my company. And that will lead you on that journey of increasing income.