Pay Yourself First

Want our top tips for finding investment properties that PAY YOU?
  • The top eight strategies to consider when searching for positive cashflow investment properties
  • What a positive cashflow property looks like ‘on the books’. In other words, you’ll see an example cashflow analysis clearly demonstrating HOW a property can pay YOU every week
  • And much more.


I get it. Saving money, putting it aside, or as I like to call it, storage. It’s not easy, but at the same time, regardless of your income or expenses, you could be shooting yourself in the foot by just one small behavior, and I call that spending first, saving later.

Think of your goals just for a moment. If your goals, which I know most may have, have a relevance to money, or requiring money to achieve them, some don’t, but the majority do. Those goals are impacted straightaway, just because you’ve decided to prioritize your spending first then your saving.

So if you’re gonna make one change, and help yourself prioritize those list of goals to make it more important than ever, start paying yourself first, and then consider what you need to spend.