Open Mind Vs Mind Wide Open

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Open mind versus mind wide open.

Okay, so, with open mind, it’s a great thing to have. But mind wide open, stuff gets pretty dangerous. Now, you might be wondering what a mind wide open or an open mind might actually be, in terms of the differences.

Let’s talk about in the sense of property. So, an open mind might be considering properties that are, you know, cash flow positive, or maybe require some renovation, or have some development opportunity. You’re really just actually opening your mind to the different types of deals that are out there, different price ranges, and maybe even different areas to approach.

But when your property investing mind starts to go mind wide open, is when you’ve got maybe six to seven mentors, three to four brokers you work with, you watch news in every single channel, across every single platform, all saying different things. And maybe you even follow experts from multiple different countries that tell you different opinions too. Simple test that I’ve said many times to clients as well as, you know, close family and friends, is something they should do as an exercise.

Try this. Jump onto Google right now. Actually, not right now, but when you get a chance. Jump onto Google, and go through Sydney real estate opportunities. Note down what you find. Now reverse that, and go, Sydney real estate crash. From that, you’ll find a whole variant, different types of articles. You’ll see some that really say, “Okay, Sydney is going down,” and some that will say, “You better buy now, Sydney’s the best chance to buy.”

How confusing is that? That’s the dangers of having your mind wide open, and that’s something you should really take control of. And how you can do that is focusing on key mentors that have done what you wanna do, areas that you might be familiar with, or people that you know, that you’d like to deal with in terms of professional are familiar with. And that way, when you’re looking at your research, or when you’re looking at what you wanna do, you have an open mind, but your mind’s not wide open.

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