Money Talk

Want our top tips for finding investment properties that PAY YOU?
  • The top eight strategies to consider when searching for positive cashflow investment properties
  • What a positive cashflow property looks like ‘on the books’. In other words, you’ll see an example cashflow analysis clearly demonstrating HOW a property can pay YOU every week
  • And much more.


Talking about money is often frowned about. We have friends, family, or even close colleagues that might feel uncomfortable when you start talking about it. Now, there’s a saying that your network is your net worth and what you talk about you can actually speak into existence. So this is why it’s important to have that friend around you that understands money, or if they don’t even understand it can talk to you about money at any given time.

Now, if you start to make that one friend two, three, four, and five, you then start to have a community around you that are looking to achieve more, do more, and do good with that more as well. So whether it’s talking about salaries that you’re on or the aspiration you want to be on, or the growth in your business, or perhaps even the goals of savings that you want to have in place, money talk helps and getting that money friend helps you even more.