How you can use property technology to supercharge your portfolio

For the most part, the process of transacting and investing in real estate has remained untouched by technological disruption for decades. Only recently, property and technology have converged to create convenient solutions for investors, vendors and everyone in between. If you are a little confused as to what exactly PropTech (property technology) is, you may be unaware of just how often you already make use of it. 

A well-known example would be online platforms for viewing real estate listings. Airbnb could arguably take the title of the most significant technological disruption to the real estate market but there are countless other developments which can have a profound effect on the way you invest, manage and diversify your property portfolio. 


There is no question that virtual reality and augmented reality technology is making its waves across the real estate sector. While mass adoption is still off by a few years, a number of startups have made property and immersive technology their main focus. What this means for investors, vendors and purchasers of real estate is that they are able to view potential investment opportunities without having to physically attend an inspection. The major advantage here is not only time but also the ability to be present in a property before it has even been developed, with the technology offering limitless potential to be staged, customized and designed in a way that has never been fully realised in the past. At InvestorKit, we give our clients on the ground videos of real-estate that we purchase for them across the country, allowing them to feel like they are there as part of their investing decision.

Management software 

Property management is often a costly expense that property investors endure in exchange for freeing their own time and efforts managing their property. While rental management can offer peace of mind, it comes at a price to the overall cashflow. Property management software has become much more prolific in recent years with companies creating platforms that allow a landlord to manage their property and communicate with their tenants remotely without the hassle of a third party, not to mention the cost savings.  Although at current we work closely with the RIGHT property managers, we are seeing a rise of this technology enter the market.

Artificial intelligence

With thousands of suburbs in Australia, keeping track of them is no easy task. Engaging professionals who have access to technology that is always looking out for key growth signals can be a major plus for securing your financial future. Sure capital growth is always going to be a prediction and a forecast, however, the past continuously has particular data trends occur before or near certain growth periods. Gross yield movements, sales volumes shifts, median price movement, days on markets, demand supply scoring and more. The mix of these data points have time and time again occurred near growth periods. Data doesn’t show all but when combined with the human element and on the ground due-diligence, it can be a recipe for fantastic property buying.

Investorkit has a team of professionals that helps buyers conduct due diligence, negotiate, strategize and more on residential and commercial properties. We utilize Artificial intelligence and an array of technology to create smoother and better buying decisions for our clients. Request a free consultation today, and we will assist you in securing a rare positive cash flow commercial or residential investment property.