• InvestorKit is the right team of experts to help you grow your positive cashflow property portfolio with the aim to build wealth faster and more securely without having to do everything yourself.

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    • Access rare properties with our wide property network of 80+ agents.
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    • Get unbaised advice with our zero comission program.
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    • Put your feet up with our unique post-settlement support program.
  • The real ‘secret’ to property investment success?

    As a high net worth property investor, you already know your job is not that of a ‘technical specialist’ but more of a ·conductor’ who orchestrates a team of experts to fulfil your goals. As Steve Jobs put it, “Great things (in business) are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

    The challenge is finding the right team of trusted advisors and action takers to help you leverage your time and resources.

    Choosing the right team can help you grow even more wealth – faster. However, choosing the wrong team could be a costly disaster that jeopardises everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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  • How InvestorKit helps high net worth investors

    InvestorKit has assembled a team of skilled and experienced experts in all disciplines of property investment to help high net worth investors find and secure investment properties that produce passive income. We aim to grow your wealth faster without compromising your current lifestyle or risking all you’ve achieved to this point.

    We’re active investors too

    Unlike other so-called experts who are merely salespeople disguised as professional services providers, we are active investors ourselves, with real money in the market and on the line.

    We’re not interested in the commissions and kickbacks other companies receive. We search for the truth – up-to-date data, accurate information, and specialist knowledge to help us and our investors with the objective to achieve maximum return in minimum time.

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InvestorKit is perfect
for high net worth investors who:

Why should we find your investment property?

While many companies promote themselves as a ‘Buyer’s Agency’, very few offer a truly independent, fully transparent service – especially when it comes to positive cashflow properties. Here’s a brief analysis of some of the things that make us different:

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    Holistic done-for-you approach

    We aim to help you with every aspect of property investing from finding the right positive cashflow properties, negotiating the lowest price, sourcing finance, and overseeing all the logistics.

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    Access to our connections

    Our vast network of more than 80+ agents and experienced building and professional services give​ you access to rare off-market opportunities and the support you may need to build a successful positive cashflow property portfolio.

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    Truly independent, fully transparent

    Unlike other Buyer’s Agents who accept ‘secret’ commissions and kickbacks that may cloud their advice, we are truly independent, and our process is fully transparent.

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    Licensed across Australia

    Many Buyer’s Agents are restricted by limited state licenses. Our multi-state licenses mean we have access to great property opportunities in many states of Australia.

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    Positive cashflow properties

    While most investors lose money through negatively geared investments, we’ll help you find positive cashflow properties that can put money back in your pocket, with an added upside for growth.

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    Our best advice 100% free

    Your first step with lnvestorKit is a free consultation where we share our best ideas – specific to your situation – 100% free.
    Book a Free Consultation now.

  • Our process is easy and starts with a free consultation

    • You’ll discover how much (or should we say, how little) it costs to get started with a good quality positive cashflow property.
    • You’ll get an understanding of the major mistakes others make (and how you can easily avoid them)
    • You’ll get an up-to-date picture of the property market and where to find the best opportunities right now.
    • You’ll learn a proven method to accurately value properties, so you never pay too much.
    • You’ll get important insights about lending and current finance trends in the marketplace.
    • And you’ll discover an easier way to find positive cashflow properties without having to spend nights and weekends on your computer or driving around the suburbs.
  • Get started now and
    request a free consultation

    Please be assured, this will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. Rather, we will share with you the best strategic advice we can, specific to your situation and future goals. No hype, no obligation, and absolutely no pressure – guaranteed.