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Want our top tips for finding investment properties that PAY YOU?
  • The top eight strategies to consider when searching for positive cashflow investment properties
  • What a positive cashflow property looks like ‘on the books’. In other words, you’ll see an example cashflow analysis clearly demonstrating HOW a property can pay YOU every week
  • And much more.


So you may have downloaded the coolest app out. It’s going to help you transform your budgeting situation, maybe do a bit of round up, maybe tell you where your money’s going, tell you all your different accounts, and make things seem pretty easy. I very quickly learned that all the fancy stuff, sure, may have some helpful parts to it, but in reality, when you’re trying to maximize your savings plan and take it to the next level, Autopilot is the most important thing, and by Autopilot, I mean, if you’re going to get paid a salary, the next day, or even potentially the same day, is everything moving automatically without a single effort from you so that you are left with nothing but money to spend. If you can get your budgeting or your money to that point, then your budget and your saving’s plan is in good hands.