Don’t Forget About Income

Want our top tips for finding investment properties that PAY YOU?
  • The top eight strategies to consider when searching for positive cashflow investment properties
  • What a positive cashflow property looks like ‘on the books’. In other words, you’ll see an example cashflow analysis clearly demonstrating HOW a property can pay YOU every week
  • And much more.


When we told about focusing on our budget, it’s very easy to just go to expenses, payments, liabilities. How much am I spending? Am I overspending? But sometimes we forget that the income is possibly one of the most important parts to look at. It’s very easy to fix up the expenses quite quickly, through a quick change of habits, through knowing what the problems are. But what happens is people often, when budgeting, just stay forever fixated on the expenses, and keeping them at bay, when really the differences that you can make from income increasing are huge. If you’re thinking, okay, what does that mean, well, are you putting enough time into personal development? Are you putting enough time into mentors and coaches? Are you putting enough time to get clear on your career and where you want to be? Because from a career in terms of your job, or a business perspective, focusing on that income can give you huge, magnified results.