Debt Free = Leverage Free

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What if I told you that there could actually be a downside to being debt free. Now, I know it sounds crazy, but this was actually one of the reasons why I really focused on acquisition, more is more, and trying to achieve and attain more for my financial future.

Sometimes you can get into a cocoon where you go, “I want my one asset, and I wanna pay it down forever.” Is it a bad thing? No. But what debt free actually equals, it also equals leverage free, which basically means you start to pay full cost for everything.

So, this changed my mind around using debt in a good way, but being careful not to over leverage, or over spend on debt.

So, understanding this concept of debt free has its downsides, it made me start to think. Well, there’s some of the wealthiest people in the world actually also still have debt.

What happened to retiring? Being debt free? Living debt free? And that’s where it got me thinking.