Comparing Between Peers

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There was a time in my previous career where I was so heavily comparing between peers. Now I want to take you back to a story, so I actually joined the back, I was the age of 18, and started off as a teller. There was someone else who started off in a similar time to me. It was actually a couple of people. Around that period, every couple of weeks or couple of months, a move was happening. I was closely watching these two or three other people instead of just watching myself. What that meant was if someone moved slightly faster than me, and I felt that there was something I was doing maybe better or helping more customers, I used to suddenly think wait, why am I not getting that opportunity? 

Fast forward many years later, we’re all in totally different parts of the world, or doing totally different things. All I can give you in terms of that is where you’re at now, who you’re comparing to now, may have no relevance to what you’re trying to do later.